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Dear Colleagues,

We have had many queries from NFTO’s about what to do when a request from EAP for approval of a candidate for the ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy), or for admission of a training institute to EAP. Professor Rodolfo de Bernart a member of the NFTO board who is also a past president of EAP has provided a short explanation of the process for your information:

When EAP receives a request of this kind the committee demands the help of the local NUO (National Umbrella Organisation, one for each country) and of the Approach European Organisation (for us EFTA) in order to have safe and sure news on the candidate (person or centre).

So if the candidate comes from your country the request will be sent to your National Umbrella Organisation (The association in which all approaches are represented) and to your local NFTO. If there is no NFTO it will be sent to the EFTA TIC (training Institute) of that country.

Each NFTO can name a responsible person who will be allowed to sign on behalf of the NFTO that:

The training done by the candidate in a training centre that is known to the NFTO to provide a high standard of family therapy training.
The training centre is a member of our association EFTA
We have provided a form for registering with EAP the contact details of the responsible person that can be downloaded from the NFTO website and emailed to EAP to update your NFTO details.

Download EAP Form

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