Family Therapy in Europe

This is a summary of the survey results made in 2010 between the association’s members of EFTA. Only thirteen answered the questionnaire: Belgium (german speeking), Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Holland, Sweden, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Germany.

  • Most countries have only one family therapy association
  • Prevalent target goals are to promote identity and training, networking family therapy and organize conferences
  • Half of the associations have an ethical committee
  • Only five countries have a law for psychotherapy and social welfare and insurances help for family therapy
  • There is a variety of training standards among the countries: some of them have a legal and a very regulated norms, some others have no regulations
  • Providers of training are mostly private institutes
  • Personal therapy is required in many countries
  • Legal system sets training programs only in Finland, Sweden and Austria. Associations are usually playing that role
  • Most of the countries have more than 500 hours minimum training standards
  • There are not continuous development criteria in most of the countries. Family therapists don’t have to validate their certificate after some years
  • Almost all the countries have criteria for trainers and supervisors

Maria Borcsa and Javier Bou

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